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Rangeland Hands has completed more than 120 diverse projects providing restoration and renewal to damaged roads, streams, creeks and arroyos in New Mexico and Arizona. We take an innovative, holistic approach to our work by first assessing what has caused the instability and erosion to the landform. Identify the cause, and you can design a solution that absolutely works.

We consider the unique features of each landscape, evaluating how surface water flow has been interrupted by man-made roads and structures; determining the overall potential for recovery; and designing solutions based on restoring natural patterns.

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view of eroded dirt road and view of stream with road leading up to it

Our low maintenance road drainage systems are absolutely guaranteed to permanently solve your dirt-gravel road and driveway problems.

  • Experts in assessment, design, maintenance and construction of roads
  • Eliminate mud holes and washouts
  • Reduce annual maintenance costs
  • Retain road surfacing materials

Harvest runoff water for greater productivity on your rangeland and gardens

  • Erosion control, stream channel and arroyo restoration
  • Ready to do Turnkey projects, or train your crew in effective road      drainage techniques

Our systems qualify for NRCS cost share
Licensed and insured

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